Why Choosing Surface Coating Technology

The demand for high value aesthetics & protections in today’s era necessitated advanced research in the field of coating technology. Paint Technology was once confined to B.E & B. Tech only but since last decade, this industry has travelled many milestones. Nowadays this industry is booming & thus the market has a big requirement of technocrats in paint fields.

The Department of paint & coating technology is well equipped with the various equipment/instruments required for the analysis/testing and R & D work in the field of paint & coating technology.

The Department offers these facilities to various industries/organisations for analysis and testing of raw materials and coatings. Also, the department extends the R & D and consultancy services to various paint industries for the development of paint and coatings. Our testing/analysis facilities are regularly utilized by various industries/organisations.

The big industries such as railways, ordnance factories, shipping industries etc use surface coating technology.

One of the major achievements is that almost all the students of Final Year get placed every year in several national and multinational companies/organisations through campus interviews.

The companies visiting regularly for campus placements & candidates from Akzo Nobel, Kansai Nerolac, BASF, Nippon Paint, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, Asian PPG, Ford, TVS, Berger Paints, Motherson Automotive, PATCHEM and Shalimar Paints are among few.

Surface Coating Technology was introduced in 2015 as a 1 yr super specialization program, which caters to the Surface Coating Industry as well as the Automobile and other Paint Application Industries.

What is Paint Technology?

Chemical engineering is a branch of general engineering, and Paint Technology is a further subsidiary of chemical technology. This makes Paint Technology a very niche segment in engineering and even in Chemical technology.

Paint Technology deals with the application, constitution and its usage. Students that study this course are taught about each ingredient that constitutes a paint and how it overall affects the paint. They are taught how paints are created, and the uses of different polymers, pigments and raisins. The major course in Paint Technology is –

. B.Tech in Paint Technology
. PGD in Paint Technology
. Diploma in Paint Technology

Scope of Paint Technology in India and Abroad:

The paint and lubrication industry in India and the world for that matter is a very niche industry and is expected to create a similar number of job opportunities for Paint Technology graduates as it has been creating for the past few years.

Due to very few people opting to specialize in this area, the demand will always be there. To increase their knowledge in the paint technology field and increase their chances of getting hired, students can also go for Master Technology in Paint Technology (M.Tech in Paint Technology), Diploma in Paint & Coating Technology, P.G.D in Paint & Coating Technology.

Going for higher studies increases the employability of the student by a significant margin.

Careers in Paint Technology

The Paint Industry is an industry heavily dependent on other industries where the application of paints is required. These industries are mainly the automobile industry and the real estate industry. From working in research to working in quality assurance, there are many job profiles that paint technology professionals can fit.

Paint technology is mainly useful in automobiles and real estate.In the present scenario these industries are expanding so the new opportunities can be found

They can find work in any of the departments like research and development, quality assurance, production, marketing and as technical assistants/ executives who work on client sites. In research and development, one has to identify, evaluate and develop various technologies.

In the technical services and marketing sector paint technologists help in identifying newer markets, promoting products by educating customers, explaining the benefits and right usage.

So, in my opinion, paint technology can be chosen as a career option. As all these industries are exploring new technologies, paint technology syllabus will have a very good scope in future.

Get Learning About Paint Industry from AIPS Global

Advance Institute for Professional & Technological Studies is here to provide you brief information about the paint and coating industry. With the help of our courses, you can learn different aspects of the paint industry. Our experts will start with you from basics to advanced level to help you understand the paint industry.

Our courses play an essential role in building your career in the paint industry. The classes have brief information about the industry life painting, mixing, coating, tinting, and other related information. You can learn from different mediums such as distance learning, online classes, or offline classes from us. We are here to help you built a career in the painting industry.

The courses are directly beneficial for your professional skills and help you to want money by choosing the paint and coating industry. Some leading professionals also join these courses to understand the basics of the industry to boost their careers. We also run practical classes so that you can get expertise in your skills.

Quality Control in Paint Coating
Quality Control in Paint Coating

These courses are designed for the people who are serious about building their career in the paint industry. With us, you can learn from Quality Control in Paint Coating to manage quality in the paint industry. You can also learn about the chemical formation of the paints and coating to get expertise in your work. These courses are an opportunity to grow your occupational skills to earn well and establish a reputation as professionals.

The courses allow you to know about the paint industry from the bottom to get an idea of how to do work well in the industry! If you want to join the corrosion treatment course, then it’s also available with us. We are here to provide you with every kind of knowledge about the paint industry, whether corrosion treatment, coating treatment, or any other necessary treatment before paints.

We design courses in a proper structure from one step to the last step so that you can easily understand the purpose of studies and benefit from it. Our only in is to build occupation quality in every human so that they can under respectively. To get more information about of courses, then you can visit our official website anytime. We are here to provide you every kind of assistant related to courses.

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Why you should consider studying in a prestigious training center rather than a new one?

The industry has become very competitive than ever before. Students want to get the best education under the best faculty and sophisticated environment. To meet with the demands of the student’s several new institutions are coming up and trying to offer them with various benefits and versatile courses which can help them build their career. So many of the students are often confused about whether they should study under a new and upcoming institution or under the one which is already established.

New institutes may be offering attractive opportunities, offers, and benefits to the students to which they often pay great attention. But we think it is always a good idea to study under an institute which is already recognized. Why? Here are some of the most important reasons for it.

● Widely recognized and verified – when you study under an institute which is functioning for a long time, you can remain assured that the company has been recognized and verified under several certifications and other accolades. This ensures that you will be passing from a top institute about which the people are very well aware of. There also have been many cases where institutions have been dissolved after some time due to lack of funds or popularity. You wouldn’t want to tell someone that the place where you got your degree from does not exist anymore.

● Better faculty and facilities – renowned and popular institutions often have reliable and much better faculty than the institutes which are new. Since these are functioning for a long time in the industry, they have a more experienced and efficient faculty who are much more familiar to the norms and methods that are best in this field. Also, the facilities which they provide like study materials and other resources are more useful and accurate. So the students can benefit a lot in these institutions.

● Better placements and opportunities – renowned Pain and Technology College offer the students with better placements options. They are able to bring in more companies to offer their students with job and other career opportunities. Being a reliable institute, the companies are more interested to come to them rather than visiting the new ones.

As you can see that there are several reasons why it is always a wise decision to study under surface coating colleges which are functioning in the industry for a long time and have made a name for themselves.

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Interior Remodeling and Painting

Each student gets an exciting and rewarding experience with our scholarship program. There are a few professional online and offline diploma that helps students get into the swing of their new surroundings and to begin flourishing. If you are looking for the best Paint & Technology College, you can end your search with us. A college internship is one of the first steps toward your future career, so it is crucial to take it on the right way.

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Paint technology courses

Our vocational program is well suited to individuals who find that they get easily bored with constantly learning theory without having the chance to put this knowledge into practice. You will be more comfortable with mixing academic study and real-life, practical experience. Our distance learning courses are flexible and easily accessible. Students get an education through printed materials and exclusive student portal where they get complete information about courses.

You will definitely get a number of benefits from our course. Our diploma not only adds an impressive touch to your academic background but also helps the student identify his or her core competencies, build new skills, help to create a positive career growth. One of the best advantages of our course is that students get a certificate and ability to actually deliver the job which they have been trained to do. If you have any query related to Part time diploma in coating technology and our program or institute then call us or visit our institute. We will be pleased to respond you.

Get Diploma in Paint Technology for Your Livelihood

Across the world, there has been mushrooming so many institutes and education centers to world a student world class education to live the better life in the effective manner. For achieving the higher level education, it is mandatory that you should be 10 plus 2 level education. On the other side, various students are showing their interest to diploma course. In comparison with degree course, it takes very less time to complete overall course.  This course is also fragmented into different streams, but those streams have been liked by various customers and economic zone of the country. In other words, it demand and supply cannot come in the up and down condition. Of course, paint technology is the best that is used for the home improvement and decoration perspective. Since the career in this trade is marvelous, you must have to select the Diploma in paint technology from reputed destination.

Diploma in Paint Technology

The students, who take admission in this course, can know the well framed information regarding all its ingredients such resin, polymer, pigment and other relevant ingredients. All those students will the 100 percent result to beautify the interior and exterior appearance of their house if they have natural love for the color. Do not look further for Paint and coating technology expect AIPS Global. This is awarded institute for glorifying the career of the student. To know more information, you have to browse our web portal.