Chemical engineering is a branch of general engineering, and Paint Technology is a further subsidiary of chemical technology. This makes Paint Technology a very niche segment in engineering and even in Chemical technology.

Paint Technology deals with the application, constitution and its usage. Students that study this course are taught about each ingredient that constitutes a paint and how it overall affects the paint. They are taught how paints are created, and the uses of different polymers, pigments and raisins. The major course in Paint Technology is –

. B.Tech in Paint Technology
. PGD in Paint Technology
. Diploma in Paint Technology

Scope of Paint Technology in India and Abroad:

The paint and lubrication industry in India and the world for that matter is a very niche industry and is expected to create a similar number of job opportunities for Paint Technology graduates as it has been creating for the past few years.

Due to very few people opting to specialize in this area, the demand will always be there. To increase their knowledge in the paint technology field and increase their chances of getting hired, students can also go for Master Technology in Paint Technology (M.Tech in Paint Technology), Diploma in Paint & Coating Technology, P.G.D in Paint & Coating Technology.

Going for higher studies increases the employability of the student by a significant margin.

Careers in Paint Technology

The Paint Industry is an industry heavily dependent on other industries where the application of paints is required. These industries are mainly the automobile industry and the real estate industry. From working in research to working in quality assurance, there are many job profiles that paint technology professionals can fit.

Paint technology is mainly useful in automobiles and real estate.In the present scenario these industries are expanding so the new opportunities can be found

They can find work in any of the departments like research and development, quality assurance, production, marketing and as technical assistants/ executives who work on client sites. In research and development, one has to identify, evaluate and develop various technologies.

In the technical services and marketing sector paint technologists help in identifying newer markets, promoting products by educating customers, explaining the benefits and right usage.

So, in my opinion, paint technology can be chosen as a career option. As all these industries are exploring new technologies, paint technology syllabus will have a very good scope in future.

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